Monday 02 April 2007

Soccer Season, 2007

9:0031 MarBlueKicker East2-1Report
10:1521 AprYellowKicker West7-1Report — (Originally 7 Apr)
9:0014 AprBlueKicker East5-1Report
5:3018 AprYellowKicker West6-1Report
9:0028 AprBlueKicker West0-6Report
5:3030 AprBlueKicker West7-2Report
9:005 MayBlueKicker West4-2Report

Notes on the Photo Gallery.

  • If you want most of the pictures but don’t want to waste time downloading, let me know and I will make a CD for you (I normally try to get CDs out in time for the end of season get together).
  • You can use the images on your own websites if you like, I have a lot of bandwidth. You can get the URL by clicking on the “share photo” link under the picture. This will give you a page of links for various sizes of the picture. You can then use any of the “link” URLs as the “src” attribute for an IMG element. The “medium” size is usually the best choice.
  • You can order prints from the gallery directly, or other items (such as T-shirts or refigerator magnets). You can also download the image (click the “save photo” link under the picture) and print it at home, or take it to WalMart. Cafe Press lets you print pictures on various articles of clothing (hats, shirts, shorts, etc.) and seems to do nice work.
  • The “Order Horizon” logo is to prevent random internet twits from re-using my work as their own. If you would like an image without the logo, let me know.
  • All of the pictures are tagged by season, children in view, and goal score. You search the pictures by using keywords. Start here. You can see all the keywords there. You can click on one of those, or add keywords (separated by dashes) to the URL to go directly to the pictures you want. For instance, here are the pictures with Corwin and Jack from the spring of 2005. The important keywords are
    • The first name of the child
    • “soccer” for soccer pictures
    • The year (2004, 2005, 2006,2007)
    • “spring” or “fall”
  • I try to get pictures of everyone, but some players are a bit more of a challenge to photograph well.
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Alan, has anyone told you “You ROCK!” lately? If not.…


Thanks for all you do with the pictures :)

Posted by: Deborah on 02 April 2007 at 18:27
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