Thursday 12 April 2007

Mid week soccer report

Charles kicks the season in to gear

Charles had his first soccer game this evening. I thought they were going to cancel because it was literally snowing, but I suppose since it wasn’t accumulating it was OK despite it being 45°F with 10-15 MPH winds. It seemed as cold to me as when Corwin’s game was cancelled but I suppose the kindergarteners are made of tougher stuff.

The game was what one would expect. Charles didn’t do as well as he was at the end of last season but he still got some good kicks and blocks. I need to work with him on the fact that it’s very hard to kick the ball behind you, which means he needs to avoid trying to kick the ball away from his goal while he’s facing the goal. Charles also seemed to have a bit of trouble tracking the ball location — a few times when it got kicked hard I could seem him searching around for it, locating it primarily by the crowd that gathers near it.

Perhaps it was the wind, or the cold, or the bundling due to the cold, but the kids were tripping over each other like a bad slap stick comedy. Sometimes entires rows would go down in a chain reaction.

The game was scoreless until about half way through the fourth quarter when the other team made a shot from a few feet out right between the goalie’s legs. Charles’ team managed to get energized enough to tie it up with just a minute left in the game. After a couple more runs back and forth, one of the coaches who was suffering from the cold managed to grab the ball after it went out of bounds and that was the end of the game. That seemed like an excellent way to end to me.

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