Sunday 01 April 2007

Maintenance Issue

Sorry about the weblog being flaky today, I was desperately working on fixing some broken code that maintains the shifting images in the banner and the sidebar. Most likely I was the only one who noticed, but some of the images would now and then show as “image unavailable” instead of an actual image. This happened for all new images, which put rather a damper on the entire concept.

The problem was that I was using a plugin for the weblog that someone else wrote (see, Mom, this is why I need to write everything I use). It uses Flickr to host the images, but recently Flickr changed the way it handles images and that broke the code. Unfortunately, the code was a bit hacky so I had to do a significant rewrite to get it to work. Any problems you had today were the result of my debugging the new version. But it seems to be all better now.

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