Sunday 08 April 2007

Easter loot

Alice shows off her egg-based finery

Today was Easter, in case you hadn’t heard. Corwin, Alice, and I went to church for the Easter egg hunt. It turns out that it is for 3rd graders and under, so Corwin was unable to participate. He “helped” Alice by alighting near by and reading his book, with a little bit of pointing directly at an egg and saying “Alice, look here!”.

The nursery wasn’t staffed and I almost left at that point, because Alice refused to allow Corwin to turn on the light in the room and saying “I need to go home now”. However weak the spirit, the flesh was willing. Alice and Corwin were tolerable during the service, although Corwin grumbled for a while about not being able to read his book during those moments when the pastor was literally speaking. Alice went up for the childrens’ sermon, although I hope the pastor didn’t catch her comments shortly afterwards of “can we go home now?”.

Afterwards, we mainly hung around the house while I tried to make it look like it had been inhabited by civilized people while Mom was gone. Corwin was surprisingly helpful with only minimal grumbling. Alice was a big problem but we overcame her (she’s been a bit of a problem child all week). For the first time, Alice lost chocolate to Poly (twice!), although we managed to retrieve almost all of it.

Now we’re just waiting for Mom to return, presuming she hasn’t read enough stuff here while gone to rethink that.

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