Saturday 21 April 2007

Dual game

After soccer in the morning, Corwin had a baseball scrimmage with the other team for the school (baseball is school based rather than just one big pool). I didn’t get to see much of the game because I was watching Alice and Charles (Mom having wandered off somewhere for the day).

I did see Corwin do some catching. He’s still not catching most of the pitches, but I think he’s doing better and did get some good catches in. He also made a good play when the bases were loaded and the batter had an unintentional bunt. Corwin charged out, grabbed the ball, and instead of throwing to first ran back to touch home, getting the out and stopping the run. His first at bat went well. He was at two strikes after a couple of foul balls, but then connected for a nice single line drive to right field.

Alice’s old friend Maggie was there and the two of them played together on and off. I told Maggie’s mom that I hoped we took home the correct girls, as both were wearing bright lime green Dora tops, pink pants, and very similar hair styles.

After the game one of the other dads told me that he had been the keeper of the statistics for last year and that Corwin had highest on base percentage. I hadn’t expected that. It’s believable — Corwin rarely gets the big hits that some of the other good players do, but he does seem to get singles with great reliability.

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smart mom.

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