Friday 06 April 2007

Dog-gone yet?

I am trying to convince myself that Mom should still have a dog when she gets back, but sometimes that’s difficult.

Yesterday while trying convince Polynomial to dump her waste products outside1, I let her sniff her way under a bunch of pine needles. She wanted to do this, I found out afterwards, because some animal had pooped there and Poly wanted some of that2. I had to walk her around for a bit more until she dropped it and I could drag her away.

However, Poly has a good memory for some things and today while I was walking her, she managed to find the remnants of this and had another go at it. Later in the day, when she tried it for the third time, I remembered where it was as well and stopped her.

On the other hand, Poly somehow managed to get a hold of a used Alice diaper and disassemble in to very small pieces in the front entrance way. She digs other things out of the trash multiple times per day, bizarre things like empty paper bags and DVD wrappers. She got a box of sugar cubes off the counter (I thought I had put it back too far for her, but she seems to have quite the reach). And something Mom will really appreciate — Poly chewed one of the boy’s violin chin rests into plastic junk.

Like babies, it’s a good thing dogs are cute.

1 Poly is still not really house trained, in that she grasps this concept only weakly. This means taking her out is an undertaking which can easily take 10-15 minutes, meaning one needs to be fully dressed if the weather in inclement. Naturally, because Poly runs away, there’s no hope of just sending her out by herself.

2 This from the dog that watches me put her food in her bowl and then walks away uninterested.

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Hehehehe.…makes Gracie look like a good dog :)

Posted by: Deborah on 06 April 2007 at 21:45
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