Sunday 15 April 2007

Crop March

Mara tries to not become a Poly anchor

Today was the annual Crop Walk. This year, Mom decided that Charles was old enough to walk the six miles on his own and that we would therefore not take the wagon. Instead, Alice would ride alone in the stroller. Charles made it about a mile, a little past the first rest stop, before his first should ride on Mom. Overall, though, he did do a good job. I think he only had one more shoulder ride after that, on Dad. That wasn’t a problem except for trying to get Charles in to a position that didn’t cut off so much blood that my hands tingled.

Corwin was supposed to hold Polynomial, but somehow Mom and I ended up doing most of that. Mara tried hold Poly for a while, but she’s not as … hefty as Corwin and so had some difficulty restraining Poly. One of Mara’s friend’s tried it as well, but she was even less hefty (she probably weighed less than Charles) and that was just hopeless. I did tell Mara to put her hand through the leash loop and hold on the strap so that if she lost her grip, she’d still get dragged along and slow Poly down. Mara, oddly, thought the advice was a bit heartless. Her mom pointed that knowing Mara’s great love for animals, she should be willing to make the sacrifce.

Corwin initially charged out in front, presumably because he thought that would let him finish sooner. He didn’t start whining until about ⅔ of the way through the hike at which point he became quite the lagger. He was like a desert wanderer seeing an oasis when the church at the start and the end came in to view.

Alice stayed in the stroller the entire trip, except for brief excursions to have a chocolate chip cookie and falling out in to the street at the first major road crossing. She managed to hold on to Baby even while almost asleep. She’s now totally energized while Mom and I are barely conscious. I am typing this in a vain attempt to stay awak0087uigrey89gerh.

Huh? What? Oh. Time to surrender. Early bed time for everyone.

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I am glad the weather cleared up for your walk. It was almost pleasant out today :)

Posted by: Deborah on 15 April 2007 at 21:32
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