Monday 09 April 2007

AZ Trip Report

Kerri and Josh’s wedding was a great success Friday. The ceremony was in a nice garden. The couple exchanged vows between happy tears. Josh’s mother who lives in Hawaii bestowed leis on them. The leis were composed of leaves (citrus I suppose but they kind of looked like bay leaves). One was accented by tightly folded $10’s and $20’s. The other one contained gift cards from a variety of stores.

The reception was in the back courtyard at a Mexican restaurant. We got to socialize, and Charles even interacted with the other children present. Little Brady, Tara and the other Josh’s daughter, toddled about strangely drawn to the steep concrete steps leading to the second floor.

After the reception we spent some time at the pool. Charles would even leave the stairs and let me launch him into the water, a little way. Brady eventually kind of got used to the water.

For dinner Charles declared his need to find more white noodles. He had only eaten a lemon at the reception, so I’m sure he was hungry. We found a Pasta Primadora near the mall, and we split a fettecuni alfredo. Charles declared it better than the brew pub noodles but not as good as the Fazoli ideal. Still he ate quite a few noodles so I think it was a success.

Saturday, we spent some time swimming in the morning and then headed out to the railway museum. A nice lady gave us a tour of some of the passenger cars. Then we walked around the rest of the rail yard. They had a nice steam engine, a number of passenger cars and freight cars. Finally, we visited the gift shop, Charles’ favorite part of the trip. The gentleman there said that they used to have little trips with their trains, but currently they have some problems with Union Pacific, the owner of the local tracks, so they are grounded.

In the evening, we visited Aunt Sonja and Uncle Ken. They had a little party for all the family. We got to visit, eat, and take in the view of Phoenix from their foothill home. Kerri and Josh showed up looking happy. Evidently Josh is a morning person. Kerri woke up to find a spreadsheet with all the gifts and givers itemized. What a deal!

Charles played with the train set he got from the train museum. Then Kerri gave him a building set. He promptly built a cool airplane and spent the rest of the evening flying it around and adjusting its weaponery.

Poor Brady was having some stomach issues. She projectile vomited in the car on the way to Ken and Sonja’s. Then spewed twice more at their house. Between spews she seemed happy enough, but understandably Tara and Josh were fairly worried. A good nights sleep seemed to cure it though. She was happy and hungry at breakfast Sunday morning.

We met up with the Bradys and Vinloves for breakfast before they headed out for the airport. Our flight wasn’t until the afternoon, so I hoped we could get in one last swim, but sadly the pool was being cleaned all morning. We hung out in the room a bit with Charles drawing and eating his chocolate bunny, and I got a bit a work done. The rest of the day was spent in airports, but thankfully we had an uneventful flight back. Polly greeted us excitedly at the door. We eventually found the other family members. They seem to remember us.

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Welcome home!

Posted by: Deborah on 09 April 2007 at 10:43

It was really fun to hang out with you! We miss you and Charles already. We weren’t kidding about the informal invitation out to ‘rado. Anytime, let us know. We have a big basement for a kids “camp out” area and a separate guest room down there. Sorry about the pool on the last day. Glad you’re home safe!

Posted by: Tara on 09 April 2007 at 23:12
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