Monday 30 April 2007

Adjusting heat flow

It was an unseasonably warm day today, possibly a record high for the day (85°F or so). Charles naturally comes down in the morning wearing a long sleeve turtle neck and long pants. Mom recommends shifting to an outfit with less fabric but Charles just gives her the blank “are you living on the same planet I am?” look.

Charles cames home from school and he looked a bit flushed. I said “Hey, Charles, maybe you should change in to shorts”. I got the same look that Mom did. Charles wandered off to play with Legos™ but then went to get a big glass of ice water. As he drank deeply, he said “Daddy, I am sweating”. Oh, yes, a teachable moment!

“Charles”, I say, “it’s because you’re wearing long sleeves, a turtle neck, and long pants. I recommend changing in to a short sleeved shirt and short pants”. Unbelievably, Charles says nothing and goes upstairs to change. I may have actually communicated with him!

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This morning when I mentioned that short sleeves might be better as he was heading out of for the bus, Charles dropped to the floor and started whimpering. What I finally got out of him was that he wanted short sleeves. So I fixed him up and out he went, happy as a clam.

Small progress (short sleeves good/whimpering bad), but progress none the less.

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