Saturday 31 March 2007

Weekly Soccer Report


Corwin has his first soccer game of the season today. It was grey and almost rainy but the clouds didn’t produce more than the merest mist during the game. The ground was well soaked and several players (particularly Jack and Ali) made full use of the enhanced sliding that made possible. Both goals were attacked on a regular basis and it was close all the way to the end.

It was an important game because it was against Keith’s team. There was a lot of good play. Jack had several good (sliding!) saves as goalie in the first quarter. Jake and Corwin both scored goals, Jake about midway through the first quarter and Corwin in the third. Binet on the other team scored a goal as well, but Corwin’s team hung on for a win of 2-1.

Corwin’s goal was interesting. He dug it out of some defenders and it went in a high and shallow arc toward the goal right over the defenders’ heads. The ball then rolled all the way to the far side of the goal, where it bounced off the support, rolled back a bit and then curved in past the goal line. The outcome was in doubt until the moment the ball came to rest.

The teams are a little thin this year — Corwin’s team has only 11 people on it, which is rough when there are 9 players on the field. With one player missing, that left only one player on the bench, something that was very telling by the fourth quarter. As I write every season, we need to do more conditioning on Corwin.

Season Summary

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OK, so now that Jake has a goal, the season can be done now. I never have to worry about Josh, it’s almost inevitable that he will score. But, I think Jake’s early success will help encourage his efforts.

As a side note, when Belinda asked Rose why she follows Jake all over the field, she said,”Cuz Jake is the only one who passes to me.” I think I hear wedding bells, LOL!

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