Monday 19 March 2007

Just another Texas Monday

The womenfolk (Mom and Alice) went off to do shopping today while the sturdy menfolk engaged in combat of various forms. We alternated between beating on each other with foam covered sticks and playing computer combat simulations. Mom even came to terms with my sneaking the computers in to the car in a sealed box.

Other fun little tidbits —

  • While we were setting up the computers, someone asked Alice if she wanted a computer. She pointed at my laptop and said “I want a pink one of those”.
  • At one point, while I was trying to find Mom, I asked for “Dr. H”, which is one of my pet names for her. Alice took it up, yelling out “Dr. H! Where are you?!”
  • Mom said that the merchants she encountered on her shopping excursions all thought Alice was just the cutest thing, but apparently not quite cute enough to justify deep discounts for Mom.
  • Taking a break from gaming, Corwin and I went out to retrieve a badminton racket Alice had flung from the porch. Corwin was able to see the cliff in back of TexHome close up and a small lizard that was crawling around the bottom porch.
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