Sunday 18 March 2007

It's all about the Cheetos

Mom and I spent basically all day Friday packing. I was sent out in the morning to get the van oil changed and cleaned up. Unfortunately, the car dealership doesn’t do car cleaning anymore and they detected a slow leak in one of the tires due to a nail. We had been fighting with that leak for months, but it was so slow that we hadn’t been motivated enough to look in to it deeply. However, the nai meant that we had to get a new tire, but the van has specia “dealer only” tires1 which were not in stock. I must have looked extra pitiful, though, because they managed to scroung up a tire from somewhere. So, after only 3 hours, we had a working (if unclean) van. The rest of my day was spent in a panic trying to recover the lost time.

As part of that, I made the boys help clean the van as soon as they arrived home. They actually did a reasonable job, especially Corwin. Even Mom thought the van looked clean afterwards. Charles did have to warn me a couple of times, though, to be careful to not vacuum him (or anyone else) up.

The packing went well. I cut back on the glow stick supply so I could fit in the boys’ computers but we still managed to not fill the way back beyond the top of the back seats. We had one basket in the back seat but it had the snacks so that was a feature, not a bug.

As we were in the last stages of departure, Alice and Charles were agitating for access to the contents of the snack basket, particularly the Cheetos. Mom told them not until we left. They then switched to intense pestering about leaving, putting on their coats and backpacks and heading for the car everytime I took a load out. Mom and I thought they were just ready to go, but the moment we pulled out of the driveway Charles pointed out that we were on the way, therefore the Cheetos should be disbursed, obviously the key point all along.

We left only an hour after our originally scheduled departure time, which is better than expected. However, I managed to forget my vest at home, which has things like my cell phone, wallet, keys, etc so we had to go back for that, which cost us another hour. It was probably better to discover it a half hour after leaving than after we got to Texas.

We had hoped the kids would sleep most of the way, but they managed to stay up most of the night (on and off). Corwin actually stayed awake until 1:30 or so (he was so proud), but roused himself several times before morning. He slept on the floor of the van when he wasn’t asleep, even though we recommended moving the snack basket and using the back seat as it would be more comfortable. Charles has the worst situation, since he has to use a car seat and can’t recline (Alice can’t either, but she enough smaller and her seat has sides that it’s much less of a problem).

We arrived at Mimi’s house around noon. The rest of the day was mostly a sleep deprivation induced blur, because the hotel was full and so wouldn’t let us check in until 3 pm. After some refreshing from the trip, we went over to Uncle Craig’s house to see the cousins. Craig and Linda were out of town (ironically, in Chicago) but Linda’s parents were there with the cousins so that gang of six was able to hang out together a bit.

We slept late in to the morning, and then headed over to Mimi’s house. Uncle Evil had returned by then so he abused Corwin while I got the computers set up. It was such a nice day, though, that we ended up spending most of the time outdoors. First Uncle Evil demonstrated some simulated weapons used for simulated medieval style fighting2. After lunch we went over to a local park where Uncle Evil’s crew practiced so that we could see him in action. One of the crew had a daughter named Kimberly who must have been about 11 or so. She took a fancy to Corwin soon after we arrived, he being the only other person there anywhere near her age. She was quite cute, so cute that she managed to get Corwin to answer questions. I couldn’t believe it. Kimberly used a pike vs. Corwin’s sword and she had this spinning flourish in which she would, rather than try to reverse the pike’s swing, spin it around herself while turning around for another strike. She messed it up once and Corwin, being the gallant sort he is, took advantage to dart hin and “kill” her. That’s my boy!

Despite the girl interaction, Corwin much enjoyed the outing and wants to introduce the game to his friends. We’ll see how that works out.

Corwin introduced Uncle Evil to Worms (see here and here as well). Sadly, Corwin was over confident and let Uncle Evil get a win.

After all that, we went out to supper then staggered back to the hotel. The kids went swimming while I figured out the hotel’s wireless networking. Mom then took Corwin down to checkout the exercise room, which turned in to a rather extended adventure because “Corwin really liked the exercise room”. Now Mom and Corwin are off on an emergency grocery run while I am left to guard the hotel from Alice and Charles.

Corwin vs. Kimberly

1 Quite the clever scheme, eh?

2 Uncle Evil had spent Saturday “beating on freaks” in this manner, leaving him tired and sore and therefore a proper target for a fresh and rested Corwin.

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“Corwin and Kimberly, sitting in a tree.
  Hitting each other with PVC!”

Posted by: Uncle Evil on 19 March 2007 at 12:33

Sounds like you are all having fun. What’s he weather like? Josh would be so jealous.…he’s ready to convert to shorts, but with 0% body fat, he has no insulation!

Posted by: Deborah on 19 March 2007 at 21:21

We finally got into the upper 70’s today…which meant shorts! Naturally, it was just a tease.…it will rain tomorrow :(

Posted by: Deborah on 21 March 2007 at 22:14

It’s been cool and rainy most of the week, mid 70s mostly but sometimes cool enough to require a coat even during the day.

Posted by: Dad on 23 March 2007 at 21:52

Uncle Evil spent from 22:30 pm till 4:30 am on Friday, and then from 10:00 am till 16:30 on Saturday beating on freaks. 450 freaks. One day of beating freaks does not tire Uncle Evil. 450 freaks, two days, and little sleep makes Uncle Evil a might tired. Uncle Evil’s team of freaks, and Uncle Evil personally, took top honors for killing Cupid (Cupid had an army too) the most times. Fortunately Uncle Evil’s team of freaks listen to him so he didn’t have to kill them too.

In a later battle Uncle Evil killed the opposing army’s leader because 450 freaks divided 3 ways makes for freaks that won’t listen. So Uncle Evil had to just do it himself. Unfortunately no one told Uncle Evil that the leader will come back to life when he is in his base.

Posted by: Uncle Evil on 10 April 2007 at 00:45

Sounds to me more like after having experienced you for a day, they wised up and stopped paying attention.

Posted by: Dad on 10 April 2007 at 14:17
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