Friday 30 March 2007


Charles achieved a milestone in upholding family tradition — he got a bloody head wound at school. Now, he’s not close to matching my record, but it’s a good start.

It seems that one of the other children hurled a plastic dinosaur (Stegosaurus, according to Charles) hard enough that one of the little points gashed Charles’ head. Apparently it bleed so profusely that the teacher thought Charles was seriously wounded but after he was cleaned up it was just a little gash (unlike one of my better efforts — even Alice has done better).

Still, they decided to call me about it, which is probably for the best as otherwise I doubt I would have ever known about this important milestone. I asked Charles about the incident when he got home, but he couldn’t remember where he had been wounded more specifically than one side of his head. I had to find the actual wound for myself. I tried to get Charles to tell Mom, but he refused to talk about it until it he could use it to delay violin practice. If only he were as stoic about not getting enough computer time.

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