Friday 23 March 2007

Friday Family Fun

We had a slow start and then headed over to Mimi’s house. The computers were stil there despite Uncle Evil and the kids fell upon them the way sailors fall on bars after a year long cruise. This lead to an immediate fight between Charles and Alice over who would play Worms Armageddon on Charles’ computer, a game Alice has taken to in a big way1. Alice had been faster and made it to the seat first, so I let her take control while I tried to console a weeping Charles.

After a while the noise woke up Mimi and Uncle Evil. After that we basically just hung out at the house — I talked with Mimi, Uncle Evil gamed with Corwin and Charles, and Mom took Alice off for a bit of shopping. Corwin, Charles, Uncle Evil, and I also spent some time at weapons drill.

In the afternoon, we went to visit UncleBlaine. Our spawn liked that, because Uncle Blaine has a huge LCD TV hooked up to an XBox, plus a trampoline. For Alice, there was the additional fun of chalk and a hose, so she should make wet chalk footprints. Alice liked playing with Bleys, Uncle Blain’s oldest boy who is about her age, and who helped her find the chalk. Alice liked the trampoline as well because she was able to jump on Corwin, who is almost as much fun as a landing area as Dad.

Once it got dark, we headed back. Mom, Charles, and Alice went back to the hotel to sleep while Corwin and I stayed at Mimi’s to get a last round of computer gaming in which I could participate.

Alice drops the hammer on Corwin

1 Although, naturally, she can’t really play it, but she can click the mouse and the keyboard and make things happen. Charles, interestingly, likes the background music so much that sometimes he just sits on the entry screen listening to it for many minutes.

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