Sunday 11 March 2007

But it's for the children, Mom!

As part of my self abnegating nature with the children, I made the sacrifice of buying some way cool technology for Charles, so that he might enjoy his computer a bit more. I have been eyeing for years found a place that sells various sorts of buttons and keypads for computers. When I worked out a rationalization realized how this could be helpful for Charles, I placed my order.

What you see here is the “big red button”. I arranged it so that when pressed, it sends the key sequence to engage the nuclear explosion cheat for Rise of Nations. This means that Charles can point the mouse at a point on the map then hit the big red button to drop a (simulated) nuclear weapon on that spot. This is so utterly cool that both Charles and Corwin confirmed the coolness of something Dad had done.

I also got Charles a smaller green button, which does the extra resource cheat. On the one hand, this is nice because Charles no longer has to bother me at all to play — when he starts up, instead of searching for Dad to importune him to provide extra resources, he just hits the button. On the other hand, Charles no longer asks me for resources so I have no idea about (nor gatekeeping ability to control) his gaming.

Still, despite the expense and bother of dealing with this sort of computer twiddling and hardware (which, as you all know, is a painful thing for me), it was all worth it to make Charles a little happier. Just a sacrifice I happily made For The Children™.

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$4.98 at Staples!

Posted by: Keith's dad on 13 March 2007 at 11:00

I don’t think it’s USB compatible, though.

Posted by: Dad on 13 March 2007 at 11:27
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