Friday 02 February 2007

Why are you still here?

Last night, after the kind of effort only a very devoted and considerate husband would undertake, I took Mom out to see a particular movie she was interested in. I had previously browbeat Kirsten in to coming over to watch the spawn and mentioned this to the boyen in the morning. That was my mistake.

[Charles arrives homes from school]

Charles: Where is Kirsten?

Dad: She’s not here yet. That’s not till this evening.

Charles: You said that Kirsten come over! But you still here!

When I picked up Kirsten, her sister Ali, wanted to come along (or was pushed, the two of them constituting the entire complement of children there) to hang out with Alice. This left Kirsten to watch the boys. Charles wasted no time in putting his suave moves on her by explaining how to play Rise of Nations. I could see the look of fear in Kirsten’s eyes as she realized what kind of sweet talk Charles had in his arsenal.

Mom and I got home around 9:30 and Kirsten had all three kids in bed, asleep. Even Alice, who is normally just warming up her bed jumping act around that time. I forgot to check for blunt force head trauma this morning, but Mom thinks Kirsten is just good with pillows.

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