Saturday 17 February 2007

Snow burn

Dad is tired. I shoveled the driveway again today (with some help from Corwin) — at least it was only a couple of inches this time.

Later in the day Mom and I took the kids out for some sledding. The kids had a reasonable time, although Alice only wanted to go down the hill once, after which she wanted to watch. I naturally worked on my exhaustion by taking along a snow shovel and helping to build a ramp at the bottom of the hill.

Meanwhile, Mom took a run down the hill herself and managed to plow in to a couple of middle school aged kids. They reacted with mock anger and fake pummeling, apparently not realizing that Mom was a Mom and not a somewhat older kid. Perhaps my “nice plow!” comment threw them off, but more likely it is Mom’s incredibly youthful beauty.

After working myself on the ramp, Charles managed to throw a shoe and I had to carry him back to the van because there wasn’t any place nearby without a couple of feet of snow on it. If you want a good work out, carry a 40 pound squirmy boy through 2-3 foot snow drifts. Yeah, I can feel the burn.

Click here for some pictures of the big snow around the house.

Corwin hits the ramp

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