Tuesday 20 February 2007

Kitchen update

The kitchen upgrade is about half done now. The counters are in and the sink is hooked up as Dad noted earlier. The cooktop is installed and the electrical strips are installed. What remains is getting the oven and super microwave installed (waiting on cabinetry work) and installing the tile.

The cooktop is inductive. We’re cooking with magnets! This involved getting mostly new pots, but it was worth the effort. Water comes to a boil amazingly fast. The old cooktop was slow even by normal standards. It was an electric cooktop with big metal disks. The disks would keep the heat, but there was a considerable lag time between turning on a burner and getting appreciable heat. I now have to untrain myself from planning ahead and turning on a burner several minutes before I need it. The inductive cooktop is very efficient. Very little of the cooking energy is wasted to non-cooking heat. And it is responsive. I turn down a burner and immediately, the food stops cooking as fast. So amazing!

Wiring the electrical strips was my task last weekend. It was a suprising pain. Got the drywall repaired. Got the base installed. Got the top part wired and tested. Then we spent the next 24 hours trying to get the top to fit into the base. Evidently we bent something along the way. Finally, I gave up and bought a new strip and got the thing installed. But it is nice to have more than one outlet in the kitchen again.

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