Sunday 18 February 2007

It's a very self referential night

[Dad is trying to work while Corwin is commenting on this kidlog and Alice is playing on the other computer]

Alice: Daddy, I need some paper!

Dad: OK.

Alice: I got it on my hands.

Dad: Alice, don’t do that. Your hands are not paper, do not draw on your hands. [pause] Alice, Daddy’s desk is not paper either, do not draw on it.

Alice: OK.

Corwin: You should post that conversation!1

Dad: [chuckles] Corwin, I have already done that one.

Although, now that I check the archives, I don’t actually see a specific instance about the paper rule — “Alice must draw on paper, and must not draw on not paper”. Alice drawing on herself, I have that covered.

1 Corwin was clearly still miffed about this effort, which I wrote while he was reading the weblog. He was impressed that I could crank out content that quickly.

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