Monday 05 February 2007

Ice Ice Boyen

Jack was over this afternoon. Mom had decreed that I need to take the boyen out to the frozen pond again, so off we went. Charles very much didn’t want to go, but Mom was out gallivanting somewhere so he had to come along. He complained and whined the whole way there, but eventually when the boys discovered something they could smash with rocks, he had a good time.

The boys had found the stream that comes out of the pond frozen over. It apparently froze over twice, with snowfall in between because there was a thin layer of ice over some snow over more ice. The boys had a lot of fun smashing the top layer of ice. Eventually they tried extracting large pieces of the top ice layer. Jack and Corwin retrieved one large piece, which I said I would take a picture of when we got home. It didn’t make it to the sidewalk before it was smashed in to small, unimpressive pieces (which, nevertheless, the boyen carted home as prizes).

While we were there, I decided to try and let Poly have a bit of fun, as she had be chafing at the leash the entire time we were there. So, while the boys were running around on the ice and I was in the middle of the pond, I let her off the leash to play with the boys. She was off like a rocket and blew right past the boys before disappearing in to the woods. Such reward for my generosity. I eventually tracked her down to the horse pasture on the other side of the woods, where she was annoying the horse and snarfing down horse poop. Poly did the latter by charging at the mounds and biting at it as she passed, getting a mouth full while simultaneously spraying bits of it all around. I managed to get past her, at which point she ran back to Corwin, who grabbed her until she was re-leashed. It seems a shame to keep her restrained while the boys are playing, but her seeming desire to romp with the boys is apparently just a ploy.

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Oh, poop! What is it with the dogs (and cats) and excrement?

Posted by: karyla on 06 February 2007 at 09:06

At least we haven’t had any repeats of Poly and Alice poop.

Posted by: Dad on 06 February 2007 at 11:06
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