Wednesday 24 January 2007

Staving off boredom

Mom is once again struggling against massive tides from her oceans of tasks. Naturally, the thing to do is re-engineer the kitchen, since we already have a dog. She plans to

  • Replace the sink with a cast Corian unit with a split sink.
  • Put in a new inductive stove top
  • Put in a new oven
  • Replace the microwave with a new microwave that not only works better but doubles as normal oven.
  • Remove all of the mirror tiling and replace it with fancy irridescent recycled glass tiles.
  • Re-wire the electricals to make the locations more convenient, put in a GFCI near the sink, and replace the plug in light switches with real light switches.

Mom has already taken out the mirror tiling and has recently finished with the first section of the rewiring, the wall behind the sink. The original wiring wasn’t quite right, but Mom eventually overcame that handicap and now has lovely junction boxes for the outlets and lights on that wall. For the other wall, she is going to remove the outlets in the wall and put one big strip on the bottom of the cabinets. I can’t wait to see what she gets in to next spring.

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