Monday 01 January 2007

Game day

Haha, bet you thought I meant football. Oddly, Mom wasn’t primed for any bowl games this year (there are some on New Year’s Day, right?).

Anyway, Mom decided last year that we should have some of Corwin’s friends and family over for some heavy duty computer gaming. We ended up with Jack and dad, Keith and dad, and Jacob, Jessie, Jared, and father. Mom distracted me on purpose in the morning so that I didn’t get around to fixing up the computers until just before people started arriving. I had to do a major re-arrangement in my office because all of the computers were set up to be convenient for me to use at the same time. I thought that might be a bit … overly friendly. The final arrangement worked well, even if it was an hour late or so.

We played Rise of Nations, dads vs. spawn. We got in two games, the first won by the boys and the second by the dads. In the end, we had 6 players in the game (which wasn’t quite enough, as I pointed out to Miss “No computers for you!” afterwards).

Charles was a major grump most of the time, as he wanted to play the game instead of with Jessie, Jared, and Anwen (who was over for a while at the start). He tried refusing to get out of the chair in front of one of the computers, but he’s still not heavy enough to render that very effective. Eventually he acquiesced and let us play. As soon as people started leaving, though, he was pestering me with “Can I play now?”.

Still, the guests claimed it was a successful event.

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