Tuesday 16 January 2007

Big Blue Marbles

[Charles is taking a bath]

Dad: You have eyes like marbes.

Charles: No I don’t!

Dad: Your teacher said that. Blue marble eyes.

Charles: No he [sic] didn’t!

Dad: Do you think your teacher is silly for thinking you have blue eyes?

Charles: They don’t know how to make eyes.

Dad: What color are your eyes?

Charles: I don’t know.

Dad: Have you ever looked in a mirror?

Charles: Yes.

Dad: What color where your eyes?

Charles: I don’t remember.

Dad; I think they’re all white.

Charles: No! They not all white!

Dad: What color are they then? Green or purple?

Charles: Eyes can’t be purple.

Dad: Why not?

Charles: Purple eyes means your eye is sick. Black eye means you hitted [sic] it too hard. Green is OK. Your eye can be light blue but not dark blue.

Dad: So what color are your eyes?

Charles: I think they blue or green.

Dad: Are you sure?

Charles: Once, when I was four, when I looked in the mirror my eyes were red.

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