Saturday 06 January 2007

At least it doesn't involve Barney

Charles has become very obsessed with Rise of Nations. He cries when we don’t let him play after school (he wants to play it every day). Because Corwin plays sometimes, Charles keeps an eye on him and immediately reports any gaming so that Chares can get matching game time. I have tried to convince Charles to try some educational software or his new driving game, but “all I want to play is Rise of Nations!”. When I mention how cool the other games are, Charles runs through his list —

  • “Does it have half-tracks?”
  • “Does it have airplanes?”
  • “Does it have destroyers?”1
  • “Doesit have aircraft carriers?”

Sadly, neither the educational software nor the driving game have any of these, at which point Charles says “so they are no fun”.

On the bright side, Charles is now skilled enough that once I do the intial resource cheat for him he can do the rest of the game all by himself. He can even set up oil production, which is a moderately complex operation. The resource cheat doesn’t provide any, because it’s not present that early in the game. But you need it to build destroyers, aircraft carriers, half tracks, and tanks, so Charles goes out and gets some.

One negative, though, is that Corwin has now learned the cheat codes and cheats outrageously. As if the other legal advantages he gives himself weren’t enough.

1 For some reason, Charles doesn’t like the battle ships anymore and will only build the destroyer / cruisers.

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