Sunday 24 December 2006

The cost of imagination

[Charles is playing with a new toy airplane]

Charles: This plane has four torpedo guns!

Dad: Four? Wow.

Charles: How much does a torpedo cost?

Dad: I’m not sure, maybe $200,0001.

Charles: [look of concern] How much does an arrow cost?

Dad: I think $2 - $32.

Charles: [decisively] My plane shoots arrows.

Charles has been putting arrow launchers in his drawings for a while, but now he’s shifted almost entirely over to them due to the lower unit cost.

1 Not even close. The current US Navy torpedo, the MK-48, costs $2,500,000 for each torpedo. An improved version will be $3,500,000.

2 Almost correct. You can get arrows for $3.50 each, those are the low end ones. I am sure Charles’ fighting vehicles would use high quality carbon fiber arrows which are $11 each.

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