Thursday 28 December 2006

The best present of all

As a special Christmas present for the spawn, Erica is spending the day with them. It took some serious cash and negotiating to con persuade her to come back during break, but Mom and I did what it took, because it was For The Children®.

Charles’ reaction was … interesting. He was very upbeat about the impending visit earlier this week. This morning he waited patiently for Erica to arrive, but the instant she was here he wanted to go down and play on his computer. All I can presume is that Erica has a magical “happy child” field about her, so that her very presence brightens the existence of any child near by.

Alice, however, was fine with Charles heading off for the computer, as it meant a full spectrum Erica experience for her.

Corwin spent last night over at Josh’s house, so he missed the actual Arrival Of Erica (hopefully it was late enough that the celestial heralds’ trumpets didn’t wake up the neighbors).

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