Friday 01 December 2006

Snow fun

We were hit with a mild blizzard last night and this morning. Rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, high winds — the kind of weather we live here to experience.

When the boys got up, it was snowing and blowing so much that was almost whited out. Charles looked out and said “It snowing so much it’s froggy out!”.

When it was time to wait for the bus, I bundled the boys up. I tried to keep them inside, because we can see the corner from inside our front door, but Corwin and Charles both insisted on going out in the cold and blowing snow. I remained inside, watching — I didn’t want to wander off and forget they were out there if the bus was very late. Oddly, the bus was right on time despite the weather so the boys probably didn’t get frostbitten.

I took Poly out later so she could get re-acquainted with snow. I think she liked it, she was bouncing around and digging in it, despite having been shorn down to a whole body buzz cut earlier this week at the dog groomers. I had to drag her back inside when I got cold.

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