Saturday 16 December 2006

Royal matters

Alice has moved beyond “Super Princess”. She liked being “Petite Flower” for a while, but now she wants to be “Alice, Super Horsey Princess”.

The horse concept is a theme she is building. I tried poking her in the tummy and saying “Monkey!”, which resulted in the following conversation —

Dad: [poking Alice tummy] Monkey!

Alice: No, Daddy.

Dad: No?

Alice: I not like that.

Dad: I can’t say “monkey”?

Alice: No.

Dad: Can I poke you in the tummy and say “horsey”?

Alice: Yes!

On the other hand, I bought Alice a set of little squeezable horses and she uses them to make “horse soup” in her kitchen.

Charles is catching on as well. This evening Alice and Corwin were fighting over possession of a pillow (because there are only a dozen or so in the crib next to the couch). Charles weighed in with “Corwin! Do what Alice says! She is a princess!”.

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