Friday 08 December 2006

Princess pastimes

It’s interesting what children remember. Way back, months ago, I tricked Alice by pretending to lengthen her legs. Last week, while I was holding her in the air and teasing “you can’t touch the ground!” she reached down and did the same motion down her legs to make them reach. Naturally, I lowered her slowly down as she did that, so as not to break the spell, even though she laughed at me afterwards for being so easily thwarted.

Alice is still completely sold on the concept of things randomly getting stuck in her ear (I pulled her coat out of there the other day). Once, when we were looking for Charles, she suggested we check her ear in case he was in there.

Our DVD player and / or cable has a problem where the picture will go out now and then, leaving just a blue screen. With a bit of wiggling of the player, the picture will come back. Alice has now figured out that she can do this on her own, without having to wait for her immensely slow Dad to get around to it. I am still working with her on the “play button” concept, or more accurately, the concept that Alice can press the play button. She has had the fundamental concept down for a long time, occasionally to the extent that I have to explain that I have to actually do certain things, I can’t just press a button.

Alice’s hair is long enough that Mom got some good braids in it this morning.

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