Thursday 07 December 2006

Picturing Payback

Charles shoots himself in the foot

Alice has been playing with her Bitty Baby camera again over the last week or so, but it’s Charles who has taken to imaginary cameras with a vengence (literally).

Charles had fun with my little U-30 camera which I let him use as “his” camera. This tends to not last long, as he really likes the flash and that drains the batteries in short order.

Charles is also proclaiming interest in video. He saw advertisements for the Hasbro VCAM Now video camera for children and declared that he wanted one and that if I got one for him, not only would he be “very happy” but I could then tickle him as much as I wanted. Luckily, he had forgotten about it within a week. Mom figured he could just use my nice video camera — as if!

To complement all of this, Charles has “installed” cameras on one of his Lego™ ships. He put in both video and still cameras and the ship flies around taking pictures. He also likes to use it as a threatening device, sometimes with very odd demands, such as when I am playing a computer game — “If you don’t build [aircraft] carriers, my ship will take pictures of you!”. Given the lack of download capability and that Charles is too lazy to do the necessary photo editing (unlike dedicated Dad who slaves away for your viewing pleasure), I don’t take the threat very seriously.

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