Monday 04 December 2006

Kid Talk

[Playing in Alice’s room]

Alice: Charles, get out of my house!

[Charles leaves the “house” under Alice’s bed]

Alice: Charles, you come in to my house? [pause] Daddy, why Charles go away?

[Alice knocks over Charles’ model of the Sears Tower for the third time]

Charles: Alice keep knocking over my Serious Tower! A princess never do that! Alice is not a princess! Not even a super princess!

[Alice is taking a bath]

Dad: Alice, what are you doing?

Alice: I not drinking water from the bathtub!

[Dinner, Sunday evening]

Mom: … at least we have the Christmas decorations up.

Dad: And we didnt’ have to pay the boys their allowance this week either!

Mom: It’s not the end of the weekend yet.

Dad: We should take care not to remind them of it.

Corwin: Can I have my allowance?

Mom: After supper.

Dad: Nice move! They’ll forget about it by then.

Corwin: No I won’t.

[He did. Charles was oblivious the entire time.]

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