Tuesday 19 December 2006

How tough is tough enough?

Alice continues to explore the boundaries of physical toughness. Since yesterday evening, she’s been limping around (when she remembers) because of an big scrape on her knee.She was hobbling around this morning, hand on knee, having spotted the scrape after taking off her pants to go potty. Before that, she had had no problem walking to the bathroom from the bedroom. She recovered after I got her dressed because, as Alice noted, “my pants cover my boo-boo!”. Perhaps that’s how bandaids work.

Of course, one can’t discover limits without exploring both sides. Last evening I caught Alice standing on the arm of the couch. I told her to get down, which she interpreted to mean “free fall to the couch”. She pushed off a little bit and did a full body slam to the couch, followed by giggling. Not really the message I was trying to convey.

P.S. We had to buy new bandaids a couple of days ago because Alice went through an entire box trying to put some on herself. The table was covered with bandaid wrappers and tangled bandaids. Alice was completely unapologetic, explaining “I need a bandaid!”.

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