Saturday 23 December 2006

How to succeed by managing expectations

We survived Charles’ birthday party. Although Charles invited his entire class, only three girls showed up. There would have been a fourth girl but she broke her arm earlier in the week and her mother thought that expecting her to remain calm and not jump around at the party was unrealistic1. The Saturday before a Monday Christmas, after school has let out for Christmas break, may not have been the very best time to choose for a high turnout.

However, Jack and Anwen showed up as well, although (as expected) Jack played with Corwin and Alice latched on to Anwen like a tick on a deer. I don’t think Anwen was permitted to pass beyond visual range of Alice the entire time.

Charles, at least, didn’t completely ignore his guests, although he was completely flumoxed by the idea that he should greet them as they arrived. Still, he played with them a little bit. He was better when they want outside to play on the dead end, where he had several verbal exchanges with his guests.

It was a three hour tour party so things were getting a bit slow at the end, but the mothers were on time for pickup so there was no major dead time and nobody broke down in tears (except Alice, who had a major meltdown because Mom dared to move her tricycle). I think we can count that a success.

You can see on the table some sparkling apple cider, which Corwin (and Jack, I think) like quite a lot. Corwin et. al. finished off one bottle early on, at which point Corwin gets up from his place and says to Jack, “Would you like another bottle?”. I could only hope Mom had selected a proper vintage that wouldn’t stigmatize Corwin socially.

1 As her mother noted to the doctor when told to keep her daughter in that state, “Just how do you think she broke it in the first place?”. Alice doing that at any moment for the same reason would not be the least bit surprising.

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