Monday 25 December 2006

Happy Christmas!

We survived the morning present opening. Alice and Poly woke up at 5:30, but Alice went back to sleep. The boys got up at about 7:30, since they were up till almost midnight last night. We made them wait for Alice, but she wouldn’t wake up, even after Mom poked at her.

Eventually everyone was down stairs and the box shredding began. The big hits were a Thomas the Tank Engine play hut with an attached Claribel for Alice and Charles, and a 1/18 scale model Corsair, a WWII carrier based fighter aircraft. Charles liked the latter very much as well, which led to a bit of tension.

Grandma came down to visit around noon (I tried to convince the boys to wait until then, but was unsuccessful). So far the kids are all still speaking to each other and playing with toys, so I would rate it as a good Christmas.

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