Wednesday 20 December 2006

Happy Birthday Charles!

Charles becomes six years old today. Mom let him open two presents this morning, even though his party isn’t until Saturday. He got a set of small, die-cast airplanes and a large plastic battleship complete with helipad and rotating turrets. Charles is much concerned these days with turrets and whether they rotate.

We had macaroni&cheese with ham for dinner, because that’s what Charles wanted. A big box of presents from Mimi arrived during the afternoon, which was impressive timing on her part. Charles liked the presents, although later that evening while I wrapping presents for Christmas he wanted to know “why you not wrapping more presents for me?”.

Charles self portrait

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Happy Birthday Charles. Hope that your day was a special one. Grandma O.

Posted by: Karen on 20 December 2006 at 20:02
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