Tuesday 26 December 2006

Game boys

It’s been a big week for new computer games around here.

Corwin got a new game and as I was helping him install it, I realized that in the last year he’s started playing games that I don’t know and have never learned. After I installed the most recent one, he started asking questions and I just said “there’s the manual and the training missions, you figure it out”. He did. Little did he realize that this I am setting up to avoid head to head competition by being able to plead ignorance. I don’t need it quite yet, but another couple of years…

Charles has been complaining that he doesn’t get to play. He particularly wanted to play Rise of Nations. I had to shoo him away early today (while I was playing an expansion pack that Santa brought) because Charles kept making comments of the form “why don’t you build half-tracks? You hate half-tracks. Do you want to lose?” Later on, after much pestering, I decided to let him try playing. He managed to get through the tutorials with very little help. Although the tutorials were very well done, I was still impressed that Charles was able to understand most of what they were saying (getting stuck at a few places where the instructions were of the form “Declare war with Germany” and the user was expected to be able to read the names of the nations to find “Germany”). He still doesn’t grasp the process of creating resources during normal game play, but I found a code to just give him massive resources, which is enough so that he can beat the computer on the easiest setting, althoug he’s still a bit shaky on building units. Still, it can keep him busy and not moping at the unfairness of life for an extended period.

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