Tuesday 05 December 2006

Cutting to the chase

Charles is in an inquisitive mode these days, although with a somewhat narrow focus. He basically has two questions that frequently sum up all that he thinks he needs to know about an object or class of objects —

  • Can it shoot?
  • Is it useful?

Charles has difficulty understanding why things such as passenger airplanes aren’t equipped with serious firepower, much less no guns at all! How, he wonders, can an unarmed vehicle be useful?

In contrast, all of Charles’ vehicles are armed, some with 1,000,000,099 guns (and several have a really big 1,000,000,099 inch gun).

Charles is also practicing math by asking question such as “what is 4 plus 2?”. This means that he has seen a picture of a vehicle with 4 guns of one type and 2 of another and he wants to know how many that is total so that his vehicle can have more than that. When Charles is told “4 + 2 = 6” then he announces “my ship has seven guns!”.

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