Sunday 17 December 2006

Church Christmas Program

Charles and Corwin were in the church Christmas program this morning. Charles was a lamb, and Corwin was a shepherd. Charles came up with the other lambs, cows, and donkeys, gazed adoringly at the Christ doll, and sang Away in the Manger. Corwin had a speaking part, and he was one of the few who actually memorized his lines. He spoke about God’s promise of a savior to his people.

The shepherds got to carry staffs which are assembled from two feet segments screwed together. In practice Saturday, the shepherds had staffs that towered over them by two feet. The shepherd thought this was cool and some combat ensued. The people running the show wisely decided to truncate the staffs for this morning.

Dad was in the back with the other geeky dads documenting the event. There were about three dads videotaping and two or three photographers. Since the pastor had asked Dad to take some photos, Dad felt that he had been given free reign to be un-self-conscious about taking pictures. No doubt some pictures will follow.

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