Friday 01 December 2006

Battlefield casualties

Although Thanksgiving was overall a good time, there were some tragedies.

Here, Corwin and Charles are setting up the army men in precise formations. Note that both have selected high traffic areas for this, leading to results that are obvious to anyone — except Corwin and Charles.

Even worse, because the museum trip took longer than expected, Mom was in a great rush as we left. In straightening up before the museum trip, we had put all of the military related hardware in a bag so it wouldn’t be in the way. We then forgot to extract Charles’ air force from it. Once we got home, Charles almost instantly remembered it and had a melt down because of the loss. He wanted to drive back and get them, and when that was rejected, he wanted new planes and was crushed to learn that you can’t order them online and have them show up the same evening. He’s mostly recovered by now, but Christmas and his birthday are coming up …

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