Thursday 07 December 2006


Corwin and I got a last minute (ok last 30 minute) offer to go to the local college basketball game, so we blew off homework and violin practice and went. The tickets had been donated to a friend of Corwin’s, but thanks to a behavioural incident the friend’s parents didn’t think the reward of going to a game would be wise that evening.

It was the first time Corwin had been to a college men’s basketball game, and I hadn’t been to a college game in ages and ages. It was a classic pre-season warm up game, so it was never very close (no doubt one of the reasons the ticket was offered by the original owner). But it was still fun to sit in a large auditorium in a sea of orange, see many three-point baskets sinking, watch the cheerleaders do their thing, and hear the pep band.

Corwin seemed to enjoy it. I think perhaps the highlight of the evening for him was using his money to buy overpriced food at half time. He spent the second half eating a pretzel with cheese and a huge bag of skittles.

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ohhhhh, I am so, so jealous! Side note: Bix seems to want his own camera, but not a video camera since he rarely sees me using ours.

Hope Alice is having less potty acidents…I saw her name “Alice C.” the other day on something in the school hall and immediately thought of your post.


Posted by: Bix's mom on 07 December 2006 at 15:19

I’m glad you took the tickets from us and enjoyed the game. Can’t wait to tell Keith how much fun you had. I think he’ll have learned his lesson on the proper treatment of his siblings. I remember we brought Corwin to a baseball game some time ago and he lots of fun with the concessions there too.

Posted by: Keith's Dad on 07 December 2006 at 15:54

Based on my experience with Charles, Bix should be old enough to use a camera, although you’ll want to keep track of it. You can get cameras that are plenty nice enough for kids for less than $150. The key thing, I think, is to make sure it has a nice LCD display and a built in flash. A neck strap attached to the camera is a must. As long as you hit those three features, I doubt you could buy the wrong one.

Posted by: Dad on 08 December 2006 at 12:18
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