Saturday 02 December 2006

Artistic license

This picture is one of the first that I noticed where Charles changed from space battles to naval operations. I think he was influenced by The Encylopedia of the World’s Warships that we picked up at the recent book sale. That is the primary motif of his drawings now.

While I was preparing this image for publication, Charles was watching me. He commented that he wanted the picture in red. I pointed out that he had used a brown marker to draw it. He countered that he had wanted to use a red marker but couldn’t find one. I indicated that I wanted to preserve the historical record, and since he had drawn it in brown, I wanted it to be brown. Charles then asserted a copyright claim, saying that since he had drawn it, he had the right to decide what color it should be. I said that he had released the image in to the public domain, therefore I could do with it as I liked. He then threatened to have every ship in his fleet fire at me if I didn’t change it. After forcing him to rescind that order, I relented and used a feature from my new image editing software to flip the color to mostly red. Charles declared it acceptable, so here it is for your viewing.

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