Sunday 24 December 2006

Alice, Scene

§ Alice had a major meltdown where neither parent was tolerable. because she had been crying so much her nose was running badly enough that I went in to clean it up despite the howls of “go away!”. As soon as I had it clean, Alice blew through her nose until it was running again. I did another cleanup but Alice was able to replace the removed material in seconds. At that point I gave up.

§ I was laying on the floor and grabbed Alice, then held her up over me saying “haha, I have you now!”. Alice laughed and then started squirming. She squirmed so much that I was unable to keep control and she toppled over, luckily on to me (ouch) instead of the hardwood floor. She instantly recovered and cried out “do it again!”. Now, she will squirm on purpose to try and make me drop her.

§ Normally, a parent tells a child “No, I won’t drop you” as re-assurance. With Alice, it’s denial of a request. For instance, I had been holding Alice the other day when she wanted down. I went over to the couch to do so and as we approached she said “drop me! drop me!”.

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