Friday 17 November 2006

Travel and the end of the great violin hunt

The boys and I spent yesterday in Chicago. The main goal of our expedition was to return two violins we had borrowed for evaluation from a violin store there. We really liked one of them, but the cost point didn’t match with my expectations of Corwin’s maturity level. We ended up going with the violin from Iowa City which was much less expensive but still much nicer than the rental he has been playing.

Of course for the boys, the main purpose of the day was not going to school and riding a lot of trains. We rode on the City of New Orleans up. As you can tell from the name, this is a long distance train, so it has the double decker cars, dining cars, and oberservation car. We rode in the glass roofed obeservation car. Corwin slept, but Charles just stared even though the view wasn’t very interesting (grey, overcast, flat).

I had mapped out our course on the elevated train once we got into Chicago. We rode around the loop and headed to Wrigleville. Unfortuately, I had not called ahead, so we had to hang out and eat bagles until someone appeared at the violin shop.

Once freed of the violins, we headed to the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Ave via El-train and subway to go to the only store of interest. That’s right, the Lego Store! The boys pored over all the kits and built some things out of the legos and gazed longingly at the giant Darth Vader, T Rex, and John Hancock center built out of legos. After buying each boy a kit, we were able to escape and take a taxi to the Adler planetarium.

At the planetarium, Corwin played with programming the Mars rover replica. There were a pair of volunteers with their really nice telescopes. Unfortunately, the day was still just as grey and overcast, so there wasn’t much to see. They were focusing on waves crashing on the shore, big cranes, and the top of the Sear’s tower. Cool, but perhaps not astronomical. We finished with a show about space and time, and then took another taxi back to the train station.

We took the Illini train back home. This was a more modest train, since it is only a short run train. No double decker observation car. Just single level and every seat filled. Nothing much to see on the way back because night comes early these days. Charles, who had spent most of the day very quiet, turned into the major wiggle-boy on the way back. Corwin was on the edge of his seat until they announced that the snack car was open. We feasted on microwave pizza and skittles. Finally we made it back home. Both boys fell asleep in the car in the 15 minutes it took to drive from the station to the house.

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