Monday 20 November 2006

To take arms against a sea of troubles

My current effort in psychological manipulation of Charles is working on his habit of hurling accusations and complaints as his initial gambit. He will frequently just announce, out of the blue, “why isn’t anyone helping me?” or “you never help me! you don’t want me to do it!”. My goal is a simple one — convince Charles to try asking for help as a first step. I have been refusing to help him as long as he complains, while explaining “No one is helping you because you didn’t ask anyone”. I deliberately make no move to help him with his problem. Once he explicitly requests help, I then I go and help him.

I can already see some progress being made. At first, Charles would break down and cry, frustrated, rather than request help. After discovering the lack of success from that tactic, he would grudgingly request aid. Just recently, however, Charles has dropped the grudgingness and after his initial complaint, I need merely look at him to prompt him to ask for help. Hopefully he will soon achieve my project goals and lead off with a help request.

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