Friday 24 November 2006

Time horizon evolution

The other day I managed to drive both Alice and Charles to tears by my misuse of the new computers.

We were all in the basement where I was trying to help Corwin with a new game on his computer. Alice was using Charles’ new computer and hit a place on her website that required a plugin download. I had to fiddle around with some things to make this work. After wasting almost three entire seconds of Alice’s life when she wasn’t playing some Dora game, she collapsed in a pile of tears and then ran off for some comfort from Mom.

After Alice cleared out and I had Corwin mostly running, I fired up a game of HomeWorld because I like it and Charles likes to see it. After a bit Corwin needed some help so I stopped playing and helped him out. Charles lasted about 30 seconds (ten times as long as Alice!) before he broke down because, in his words, “You not playing HomeWorld for a long time!”. I tried to explain that I was just helping Corwin for a bit but Charles couldn’t handle my neglect and also ran off for some Mommy comfort. I was tempted to smack Corwin in the head with a blunt object to get a hat trick, but I was too busy with my resumed HomeWorld game.

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