Sunday 12 November 2006

Not in the money

Last Saturday Corwin had his chamber music contest. He was teamed up with two other violin payers as an ensemble. Corwin was convinced his group was going to win, although Mom and I pointed out that maybe other, older children who had been to multiple previous constests might have a bit of an edge.

Corwin played well, although his team didn’t finish in the money. I thought that was just an expression but Mom tells me that there were, in fact, cash prizes and that as she and Corwin waited for the results there was much discussion among the contestants about it. Some were convinced that if they left before the results were posted they would “miss out on the money”. It’s good to see children gaining such a clear understanding of the modern world of arts.

P.S. Mom’s comment later was “no more trio practice! yay!”

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I thought the trio did very well. They kept together, and even slowed down together in the dramatic ending. I think nerves entered a bit, and they didn’t look at each other as much as they did in practice. The winning groups would look at each other to signal when to speed up and slow down. While the trio did keep together, the lack of visual reference didn’t make it as obvious. Also Corwin started a bit to close to the piano and whacked it a couple times before scooting forward. But this is all what you learn through experience.

The piece they played was Gavotte by Gossec. This was the first group effort by Corwin and Hanna. Erica had entered the contest last year as a duet and had a little bit more experience. There were 10 groups in their division (elementary). The winner of the division was a violin duet, and they were very good. Ironically, one of the duet players had the same name as the violin teacher of the trio.

As a side note, Kirsten was in a Cello quartet that won the middle school division.

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