Sunday 05 November 2006

In the house

Everyone has returned to our lovely abode. Sadly, I was feeling tired and out of sorts today, which lead to the day passing by in sort of a haze, so I didn’t get to enjoy miss them all quite as much.

While they were gone, a package Mom had ordered arrived. It contained 800 Lego™ pieces. Needless to say, Charles was more than a bit thrilled to discover it on his return. Mom made him do some chores first (such as hanging up his coat) but he finished those and immediately started a new wave of massive construction.

Corwin came back with a LightBright from Grandma. I can’t believe it still works after all these years. He seems just as fascinated with the holes punched in the paper as the actual lighted image.

Alice got short changed, even though she was in the best mood when they got back.

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