Saturday 04 November 2006

Family parties while Dad does community service

The best shot of the day — not a good picture day either

Mom took the spawn off to visit Grandma this weekend, and check out a violin store over in the next state (Mom’s collecting violins now, she had four before she left on the trip). Many adventures were had, which hopefully Mom will be writing up when she gets back.

I was left behind with Poly, although I went out today to the family farm to help with a student rocket launch. It was a cold, very windy day but we managed to get all of the student rockets in the air and find the pieces afterwards.

There was a lot of walking. The rockets were flying on J350s and hitting 5,000 to 6,000 feet in 15-20 MPH winds so there was some drifting. We launched from the south end of the field near the house and a couple of rockets landed a good distance north of the north edge of the field, across the road. Two of the rockets seperated at deployment so finding all the pieces was no easy task. It kept the students busy and less cold (I went out looking myself at the end, finding one of the lost payload sections and had to shed some layers afterwards).

The rockets carried digital cameras and I am trying to see if any of them got some good pictures and copies of those pictures.

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