Wednesday 08 November 2006

Bruised by the 2x4 of Reality

We are going through a difficult phase with Charles. It’s like a teen age rebellion in miniature. His two most annoying habits are

  • Issuing counter-threats, such as “I won’t let you play with my airplane if you make me eat my peas”.
  • Claiming that anyone who doesn’t indulge his whims “hates” him, or that Charles now hates that person.

I am not sure where he picked up the “hate” thing from, as we don’t do that ourselves and I don’t remember seeing that on any thing we let him watch. We discourage that without making a big deal of it. As for the counter threats, I explain the overall ineffectiveness of the technique.

Charles is also engaging in tactical incompetence, although only with regard to hanging up his coat. Mom got so upset with him about that last night (when, having put his coat on the hanger, he tried to insert the hanger sideways and refused to rotate it1) that she sent him to bed.

I suspect part of the problem is that Charles has such a rich inner life that reality simply can’t measure up.

On the other hand, Charles was in a very good mood Sunday and Monday, laughing and playing with his sister. I built a Vaygr Destroyer for him out of Legos™ which helped maintain his upbeat mood for a day or so. Maybe we’ll keep for a while longer, to see if we can tweak him in to shape.

1 Mom wasn’t buying that level of poor 3-dimensional visualization from a boy who builds things like this.

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