Saturday 14 October 2006

Weekend Soccer Report

Corwin clears the ball during a goal defense

Today was Corwin’s last game of this season. The official season runs one week longer, but every team gets one off week and Corwin’s team is off next week. Despite winning 6-0, the game didn’t seem all that one sided. The other team had a good defense and a decent offense — Corwin’s team had a number of desperate goal defenses. I was surprised that they didn’t manage to score on any of them.

It looked even more challenging right at the start. Corwin’s team had to start with only eight players. Andrea showed up a few minutes in to the game to even the sides. A few minutes later Nick had a good drive straight down the middle for a score. After that, Corwin’s team started scoring at regular intervals, building up a good lead.

Corwin managed to play despite his injury. He was feeling well enough to play a bit of offense near the end of the game.

Overall I think that team was playing near the top of their game. I saw several excellent passes, good drives down the side (a Josh specialty), and some good defense. Ali did some excellent work at clearing incoming balls by booting them right back on the other team’s side of the field.

Having looked at the pictures, it seems to me that there were two things that accounted for the lopsided score —

  • Corwin’s team was hitting from outside the box. At least three of the goals were from outside the goalie box, which is long range for this level of play. While the other team had a good defence, it wasn’t able to set up fast enough to stop shots from that far out.
  • The defense played very well. There was no shortage of pictures of close goal defenses but the team managed to save every one, even shots from inside the inner goalie box.

I managed to miss two scores, the first because I was changing batteries. The second was a kick that I was stunned got it. It arced over a mass of defenders in front of the goal. The goalie was forward, just behind the mass. It went over her and rolled, slowly, toward the goal. The goalie tried to grab it but even though she touched it, it ended up about 6 inches past the goal line.

Season Summary

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